Legal Online Poker For Nevada Residents

Congratulations on finding the web's #1 resource for locating poker sites that are legal for Nevada residents. Our experience comes from first-hand knowledge and by having a working relationship with many of the poker sites on the internet today. We provide our information solely for informational purposes coming from the perspective of an avid poker enthusiast that stays in tune with the industry. If you want to be completely sure that playing poker online in Nevada is safe, keep reading and we'll tell you everything we know.

One of the first things you probably want to know is about the legality of the game being played online and what the laws say. We're going to get into that very shortly, but we are also going to provide some basic facts and short reviews of where Nevada residents can play poker online. By the time we're through, you should have a great understanding of what the current situation is, where things are heading, and how to proceed if you want to play poker for real-money.

Is It Legal For Nevada Residents To Play Online Poker?

Thankfully, this answer is cut and dry... Yes! Leading the charge to legalize and regulate online gambling with states like New Jersey and Delaware, Nevada passed legislation in early 2013 that now allows the state to regulate poker websites.

This means they can now tax online poker winnings which was previously a black hole. While Nevada isn't the biggest state, the estimate of revenue streaming through gambling sites (poker included) was estimated to be in the billions of dollars, in the United States, annually. Just getting a small piece of that pie is significant but probably will not be as substantial as some of the other states heading down the same road because of the wide-spread legalization of land-based gambling/poker venues in Nevada already.

Still, there is money to be made and with the game now being more accessible, there is no telling what this could do for the participation of players who normally frequent live games... they may start playing more which could potentially double the taxable revenue from each person that plays poker in the state of Nevada.

At the time of this writing, there is actually only one online poker website that is regulated in Nevada. We don't have their permission to promote them but we probably wouldn't anyway, at least not with the other options that are currently available for Nevada residents. Following this section is our recommendations of poker websites that should be considered before going with one website or another. These may not be as convenient as the one Nevada-regulated poker website that is currently available but they have their advantages... bigger tournaments, tournaments that pay more, tourneys that run more often, continuous action at the Sit N' Go tables, and just more players than the competition.

Legal Online Poker Sites For Nevada Residents

Bovada Poker

Anyone thinking about playing poker on the internet should consider going with Bovada to fill the need. This company has been around and can be trusted with everything from fair gaming to keeping your personal info guarded.

Nevada residents love Bovada for it's selection of games at various stake levels not to mention the tournaments that are running around the clock. When it comes to late night poker action, Bovada has more than some poker rooms on the world-famous Las Vegas Strip.

BetOnline Poker

Having earned an honest reputation for fair play and timely payouts, BetOnline is another of the leading online sites that Nevada residents can turn to when it's time to play poker online.

While other rooms may have more traffic than BetOnline, few can touch the bonus promotions offered here. Each time a player makes a deposit, BetOnline will add as much as 25% on top up to a total of $900. That money can then be turned into real-money which could wind up in your pocket if you play your cards right.

5Dimes Poker

As part of the well-known WINNING Poker Network, 5 Dimes combines it's players with other websites using the same software as themselves. This allows them to offer one of the largest online poker sites that are legal for Nevada residents.

Having said that, 5Dimes has no control over the bonuses offered here but does make it very easy for Nevada players to make deposits. Use a variety of major credit cards plus traditional methods like checks or wire transfers to deposit here.

Nevada Poker Laws - Online Poker Laws In Nevada

On February 21st, 2013, Assembly Bill 114 (AB114) was signed by Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval. This is the bill that made online poker and other forms of online gambling legal for Nevada residents. The bill also defined who is allowed to play at their regulated online poker rooms, who may or may not be granted licenses to operate online gambling websites, and other important matters needed to properly regulate the industry.

AB114 also allows other U.S. states to provide Nevada-regulated online gambling websites to their residents upon entering an agreement with Nevada. That means if a state like Alaska were to approve online poker for its residents, they would be able to use Nevada's existing online gaming and compliance programs instead of establishing their own gaming control board. To say Nevada is laying the framework for other states is almost an understatement as they are not only showing other states how to do it, but will do the regulation of the industry for them.

The Future Of Online Poker Sites Regulated By Nevada

As Nevada begins to really hit it's stride with legalized online poker sites, the market is almost limitless. The more websites that become licensed means more options. Having more options means more players will want to play. But, Nevada is at a bit of a disadvantage until legalized USA poker websites go nationwide.

As the 35th most populated state according to the 2010 U.S. Census, Nevada just doesn't have that many people that live in the state. If it weren't for Las Vegas, Reno, Carson City and Lake Tahoe, this state would probably be in the bottom 10%. With a lack of residents comes an inherent lack of players at the tables.

It remains to be seen whether or not other American states will take advantage of the provision in Nevada Assembly Bill #114 that will allow third parties to use Nevada's online gambling regulation + websites. From a personal opinion, we think it's going to happen... if not between two state governments, then by the United States Government which definitely wants a piece of this too.